Do You Know how Important SEO is to your Website?

SEO You will often hear freelance web designers and developers talk about off-page SEO. This is a process of building, organising, managing, and auditing critical aspects of SEO behind the scenes. Not only this, but on-page SEO is just as important too. Keeping up with the constant shift of Google search demands and their preference [...]

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How a Freelance Web Developer Can Help Improve Your Website

Freelance Web Developer It is surprising how quickly time flies. This is especially true for business owners who are busy 24/7 growing their company and streamlining their practices. One thing that doesn't stand still either is technology. If you are finding your website is lagging behind, then you are not truly reaping the rewards that [...]

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How to Create a Technically Perfect Website

Perfect web design A good freelance web designer will really know how to put together a website for you. They may also talk to you about the after care of your site, including creating  backlinks, evergreen content and on-page SEO. Some people will be happy to go away and do all that is necessary to [...]

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