Freelance webmasters

Small business owners have a lot on their plate with trying to run their business and make it a success. This is why many of them outsource a lot of the day to day essential work to experts with more knowledge on a particular subject than they can manage by themselves. Once such crucial job will often be the task of webmaster for the company website.

Freelance webmasters are often asked to wear multiple hats, especially by small business owners or sole traders who would struggle with many aspects of maintaining a website. Many webmasters are responsible for designing and building the website as well as search engine optimization (SEO), providing web content, and regular maintenance.

Your webmaster needs to be a very creative multitasker, but most of all you will need to completely trust them with the keys to building your online presence and establishing your brand. So what sort of questions should you be asking a potential freelance webmaster to make sure you are about to hire the right one? Here are some suggestions:

Where can I find examples of your current and past work?

Freelance webmasters with any experience will have an active portfolio of past and present clients that they can show to demonstrate their skills and capabilities. Browsing through their examples will give you a great first impression of their style and talents. Their range of examples will also cover technical skills they posses such as HTML5, UNIX, JavaScript and database management.

Check out some of their current clients and contact them directly to establish how reliable they are and whether they are happy to pass on a recommendation. It would be helpful to seek out a company or business that is similar to your own that they work with to ask questions. This way you can understand if your potential freelancer is good at delivering to time schedules and provide proven results, especially is areas such as SEO.

What sort of website example do you think fits our style?

Your freelance webmaster should take the time to get to know you and your business. They need to understand what you do and how you work as well as they type of customers you serve and want to attract through your company website. Their choice of what to show you will be very revealing about their individual tastes, sense of branding and visions for your future. If you like what they have chosen for you, then you will know you are on the right path together.

What publishing, design and content technologies will you be using to build and maintain my website?

A professional webmaster will be able to explain in easy to understand language their choice of technologies and tools that they would use for publishing and maintaining your company website. They should base their choice on lots of different factors including how you propose to use your site as well as your budget constraints. If you are not particularly tech-savvy yourself, they should take this into consideration and should be able to explain your best options and why these should be chosen in a way that you can understand.

Hopefully asking these questions will give you a good indication about whether your prospective freelance webmaster has the capabilities and skills you are looking for.