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The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

In my work as a professional web design engineer I am asked to not only create new websites from scratch for my clients, but also to upgrade existing sites that are a little old, tired and unresponsive. With the rise of smartphones use and mobile browsing, there are potentially millions of websites that are in [...]

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Five SEO techniques that you need to avoid

5 content mistakes in SEO! Although it’s vitally important that you consider your audience when creating your site and providing engaging and valuable content, it can be easy to forget some of the SEO best practices that you should be using in order to protect the integrity of your site. You have invested time [...]

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How to make external links nofollow

External Nofollow Links Plugin for Wordpress If you are familiar with SEO you should know how important 'nofollow' links are. They play significant role in on-site and off-site SEO. All of the external links placed in your wordpress website are 'dofollow' by default. Instead of checking every link manually you could use a plugin for [...]

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How to resize huge images automatically?

Wordpress plugin for resizing images If you have good quality images and want to use them in your wordpress website they most likely will take a lot of space on your hosting account. They would also slow down your website performance. Visitors would have to wait until it fully loads. 1 or 2 pictures wouldn't [...]

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Domain names vs SEO

How to choose the best domain name Domain names are an important part of a website, as they are how people will find it. They are the human-readable part of a website address and are the part that people remember when typing into either the address bar or a search engine. Domains can be split [...]

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How to test a website on different devices?

Screenfly / Test your website at different screen resolutions QuirkTools.com offers great tool for testing your website at different resolutions. Most of the popular devices are listed which makes the testing very easy. Their screen sizes are already setup so there is no need of checking what the resolution should be. You could also change [...]

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Why content is king?

How important is content for SEO? Content has always been king, long before the Internet came along. You wouldn’t recommend a book based on its cover, or the illustrations within; you would recommend it because it was full of useful information or a gripping storyline. Now we are living in the Information Age, the way [...]

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