The Benefits of Using a Freelance Web Designer Compared to Buying a Web Template

You have seen them. All those bright and shiny website templates that dazzle you from your screen. They scream the ultimate combination of speed and convenience but don't be taken in by their highly polished siren call – you may not end up with what you originally expected. OK.... there are some advantages to using [...]

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The Most Common Web Design Mistakes

In my work as a professional web design engineer I am asked to not only create new websites from scratch for my clients, but also to upgrade existing sites that are a little old, tired and unresponsive. With the rise of smartphones use and mobile browsing, there are potentially millions of websites that are in [...]

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How to test a website on different devices?

Screenfly / Test your website at different screen resolutions offers great tool for testing your website at different resolutions. Most of the popular devices are listed which makes the testing very easy. Their screen sizes are already setup so there is no need of checking what the resolution should be. You could also change [...]

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