Perfect web design

A good freelance web designer will really know how to put together a website for you. They may also talk to you about the after care of your site, including creating  backlinks, evergreen content and on-page SEO. Some people will be happy to go away and do all that is necessary to establish their website and get it rank well for SEO, but others may find themselves floundering a little.

Lets take a look at why you need to make your website technically perfect, and how you should never be afraid to ask for outside help when finding yourself struggling to manage with any aspect of growing and improving your site.

Living in a mobile-first world

Let’s face it, no matter what business sector you are in, whether you are selling goods or services, or you are simply offering advice through your website, your customers are becoming more and more addicted to smartphones and tablets. This isn’t about to change, so you have to make sure your website is kept one step ahead of them at all times.

You may have heard of  the term ‘responsive design’ being banded around like it is the latest thing, but having a responsive design is quickly becoming a regular standard component of any website design, regardless of what you are providing to your customers through your site.

Amongst the recent changes over the past few months, we have now seen mobile web browsing overtaking traditional desktop browsing as a first choice option for the first time ever. This means more people are now turning to their smartphones and tablets to do quick searches to find the things they need rather than take the time to switch on their desktop computer.

According to figures published in late 2016, twice as many people are using smartphones to access the internet than use a desktop computer. Web designers and marketers have not been surprised by this trend as this shift has been on the cards for quite some time, but for a lot of business owners, the rapid uptake of mobile web search has taken them a little by surprise.

Many business owners have been slow to upgrade their systems to accommodate, and as a result are starting to see a sharp downturn in web traffic numbers. Even those business owners with relatively new websites of a year or two old are finding it difficult to grasp how quickly technology moves on.

How your web designer can help

Many business owners will turn to a freelance web designer to create them a stunning business website, but then walk away thinking of it as a complete ‘turn-key’ package that will last forever. Despite the well documented premonitions from the tech industry as well as the obvious growing demand for mobile friendly web searches from consumers, many business owners have not responded well to the inevitable need for an ongoing responsive website.

It is believed that as many as 60% of small and medium-sized businesses are losing out on web traffic because of a failure to adapt their website for a responsive environment. This should be of major concern for any business, especially those who rely on a sizeable chunk of their custom coming via online sales or being directed through their website.

Your web designer and developer understands that your site needs to be responsive. Your site needs to be completely compliant with Google to be perfect. Google is after all built for people to search the web. Therefore, Google will favour those websites that meet the needs of its users and is fully optimised for mobile devices and smartphones. The ones that will get ranked will typically be the ones that already incorporate a mobile responsive design.

Don’t leave it too late. If your website needs an overhaul, or you are looking to tweak your existing site to keep it up to date with all the latest technical advancements, then I am here to help! Contact me for a friendly chat to discuss your business website needs.