Freelance Web Developer

It is surprising how quickly time flies. This is especially true for business owners who are busy 24/7 growing their company and streamlining their practices. One thing that doesn’t stand still either is technology. If you are finding your website is lagging behind, then you are not truly reaping the rewards that modern SEO and mobile responsive designs can offer.

Lets look at some reasons why you should consider upgrading your system now and how hiring a good freelance web developer can help you achieve your goals.

Better Site Usability

Do you think your web visitors are going to stick around on your site if they cannot navigate it well? The answer is, probably not!

Search engines such as Google, have very sensitive metrics, so for example it will recognise not only when your site is visited, but also the time spent on the page by that visitor. This data is given a value, and obviously the longer time a web visitor stays on a page, the higher the value is given.

Responsive web designs make it easy for your web visitors to not only find your website and the relevant page they are looking for, but also delivers a better user experience. This will mean visitors will stay longer on your page and will be happy to move around your website to read more information, so as a consequence Google will award your site a higher mark for usability.

What this means for you is that your site will be ranked higher for your chosen keywords because you have good usability scores. This means more visitors for you, as well as a higher number of repeat visitors as trust is built in your site. This then means increased conversions into sales as a result.

Customers Come First

Customer experience really cannot be over-emphasised here.  At the end of the day a website should be built to suit the customers needs before those of the business. Yes, you may have an idea of how your website should look, but many business owners fail to look at their websites through the eyes of their customers, instead choosing style over functionality.

Your sites usability and responsiveness is what is important. This is much more important than how pretty it looks or the fact that your super-organised mind wants your products or services tucked away neatly to not obscure the first impression your site gives. Don’t forget that your customers want to find things quickly and easily. If they have to search around your site to discover what they are looking for, or have to click to drill down through four categories before locating the one thing they want, they will quickly get bored and leave your site to go and find it elsewhere in maybe one two clicks.

Who is going to leave you a positive review if they get frustrated with your website and leave?

Faster Page Speed

Gone are the days where we all hung around waiting ages for a website to load (thankfully), but did you know that page loading times are also a major ranking factor? It’s true. Every website should be able to load as quickly as possible to help deliver the information that a visitor is looking for. Without fast page loading, your site will not rank well in search engine results.

If any of these points ring a bell with you, or your website upgrade is well overdue, do not hesitate to contact me about how I can help to improve your site.