Following up on a previous blog post where I mentioned outsourcing as a good option for entrepreneurs, I thought I would elaborate a little more on the subject and what tasks are ideal for outsourcing.

Small business owners face a lot of challenges, least of all is getting through all those day to day tasks that need doing with limited manpower available. Budget constraints may mean that you are growing your business well, but don’t yet have the money to hire the permanent staff you want at this time.

Outsourcing tasks to freelancers is common practice for small business owners who either don’t want to employ permanent staff because they work from home and don’t want the extra expense of hiring office premises, or they don’t need to have staff working for them all-year-round.

Some of your tasks are more suitable for outsourcing to freelancers than others. Lets take a look at some of the better ones that are most commonly outsourced and are pretty easy to cover.

Virtual Office Services

You can hire a freelance virtual PA or receptionist who can handle incoming phone calls, take messages, receive and scan your mail, forward parcels and important post and run your appointment diary, to name but a few! Many virtual office services offer a sliding scale of services depending on your needs and the costs are very reasonable because they operate from a remote location. This means you don’t have to hire permanent staff or office space, which is a huge saving off your bottom line.

Website-building and Design Services

Your website speaks volumes about your company. After all, it is the face of your company! Having a well designed, fully functional and responsive website that perfectly reflects your company brand and image is the first step to making your stand out on the internet. Employing an in-house web designer can be very expensive, so many small business owners will turn to outsourcing this task instead. It makes sense because your budget will only stretch so far and it is much cheaper to hire a professional, such as myself, to do this for you and help to maintain your site year-round at a fraction of the cost of a permanent staff member.

Content Creation

Producing fresh content on a regular basis is like the lifeblood of your business. It is great to have a fabulous website and attractive blog, but without refreshing your sites with regular content for your visitors to read and share across social media, your customers are not going to stick around for long!

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks for small business owners. Unless you have a passion for numbers or are trained in accounting yourself, your business books can grow to become much more complex as your business grows. It is crucial that you have someone handle your books that knows what they are doing.

If you want your business to succeed, then don’t waste another minute doing the tasks you hate or are no good at. Outsource what you cannot do easily for yourself so you can focus on those task that you do particularly well.

Outsourcing these essential but time-consuming tasks will give you great peace of mind and satisfaction knowing that they are in the hands of professionals.