The hidden benefits of working with a Freelance web designer

Benefits of Freelance Web designer

When you are in the market for a new website, or to update your old and tired one, there are quite a few benefits to working with a freelance web designer.

Generally speaking, freelancers tend to work on their own, so you will find that we are more flexible than your more traditional web service and design companies with lots of in-house staff. Plus the fact that you will always be dealing with one person who knows your website inside out, so there will be less time wasted and less confusion with dealing with an assortment of different people.

Lets take a look as some obvious reasons for going freelance with your web development and maintenance as well as some that you may not have thought of!

  1. Charges

Because freelancers tend to have less overheads to cover, those savings are passed on to you. By hiring a freelancer to build and maintain your site, you are not paying through the nose for the company offices, the staff bonuses, the company perks or any other in-house expenses that need covering.

  1. Job turnaround

You will find your job is turned around and delivered much quicker. This is because you will have a dedicated freelancer working on every step of your build. When there is only one individual doing the work everything is coordinated systematically and there is no waiting around for different people to finish their element before your site can progress. Also as freelancers tend to set their own hours, you will have a  greater chance of getting your job finished on time.

  1. Communication

It is quite straightforward to communicate with a freelancer. They will be the one on the end of the phone, email or text message. There is no waiting around to speak to the right department or even the right person within that department should your job get passed around. It is less frustrating to only deal with one person and saves you a lot of precious time.

  1. High quality service

With a freelancer you will receive a quality service with a close eye for detail. A freelancer has to build and rely on their good reputation if they wish to win more contracts and attract new business. They cannot afford to take the eye off the ball with any project or it could cost them dearly. With a freelancer there is no chance of hiding behind the banner of the design company or department. You get to know them in person and can convey exactly what you need for your website knowing that they completely understand every element of it. You will get a much higher quality website for your money at a much lower cost than a large web design company.


These are just a few benefits of working with trusted freelance web designer. It is also easier for you to have your website maintained by the same person who built it than trying to involve someone else because they can work on all aspects of your site, not just one. The greatly reduced costs combined with the flexible schedule that a freelance web designer can offer will mean you will get a perfect site created faster without losing that personal touch that large design firms lack.

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