You will often hear freelance web designers and developers talk about off-page SEO. This is a process of building, organising, managing, and auditing critical aspects of SEO behind the scenes. Not only this, but on-page SEO is just as important too. Keeping up with the constant shift of Google search demands and their preference now for semantic search, it can get very tricky. Certainly old-school SEO tactics don’t seem to work nearly as well as they once did.

A lot of people still think that SEO is only about your chosen keywords. No doubt these are still very important, but lets not forget that SEO isn’t just on-page or off-page, but a careful combination of both. The technical parts of the process that most people don’t see are just as crucial. In fact, without the right technical foundation put in place, your remaining SEO techniques may not bring you any results whatsoever.

Lets take a look at what I do as a freelance web designer and web developer to help customers optimise their SEO efforts. This is just an idea to help you understand how I can improve your usability, indexing, search engine crawling, and ultimately get you better rankings.

Review your sitemap

Not many people know just how important their sitemap is. Your sitemap tells Google and other search engines about your website structure and enables them to find and list your newly added content. If your site is DIY and you don’t have a site map, then I would highly recommend you add one. If you need my help with this, then just let me know!

I will clean up your site map and keep it free from errors or broken redirects and URLs that may be dead or blocked from indexing. Errors such as these can risk your site being completely ignored by Google and other search engines.

Checking your indexing

I can check your site’s pages for indexing by search engines. Hopefully your number should be exactly or close to the number of pages on your site. Obviously, any pages you have deliberately restricted from indexing will not show up, but if the numbers don’t match up then I will be able to find out why.

Making your site crawlable

You will want to ensure that your most important pages are crawlable by search engine robots. I will make sure that your site is crawlable and look out for issues such as orphan pages that have no internal links, and use an SEO crawler to check your JavaScript and CSS files, which are crucial to your page’s rendering.

Audit internal links

Internal linking is a useful way to spread your ranking power among your pages. To do this effectively and efficiently you need to have no broken links. It is best to keep it simple here and a shallow site structure is always best if you want to get the most from search engine bots, but it also makes it easier for your human web visitors to navigate their way around too. I will check your internal links to make sure they all go where they are supposed to, and that there are no hidden broken links anywhere.

There are other crucial checks I will make too, such as checking your HTTPS content, looking at your site security where you may have mixed content being delivered over a non-secure HTTP connection, as well as test and improve your page speed – a top priority for search engines in 2017!

Contact me today to get your site on the road to better performance.