Personalised Website

There is no denying that the rise in smartphone use has affected how we use the internet. This has also affected how web design and creation is being tweaked to accommodate the millions of smartphone users.

What is also changing rapidly is the desire from web users for a more personalised experience, to a point where it is almost expected to be delivered.

So what difference does a personalised website make? From the user’s point of view, it delivers them tailored content that meets their needs at the right time.  From a website owners point of view, it has the potential to increase their sales by as much as 15%.

Delivering information without complications

Because everyone leads such busy lives, they want to go online and be delivered to what they are looking for straight away.

With just about everyone carrying the internet around in their pockets these days, having a personalised website that is fully optimised for mobile use can help your site user feel more connected, special and appreciated. This really does help to boost the path to conversion.

Every successful business needs a website, but having a website that can deliver a personalised experience to their customer is very good for business.

The benefits of a personalised website

To summarise, the main benefits of offering a personalised website will:

Improve customer retention: Repeat custom is too valuable to pass up. A personalised website user experience will strengthen bonds of familiarity and loyalty with your customers.

Increase conversion rates: Personalised user experiences have been shown to boost conversion levels. Catching your web visitor at the right point of their journey with the right message will increase the chances that they will buy.

Boost customer engagement: Delivering your web user with the information they need will increase the likelihood that they will remain on your website for longer. Their engagement can result in a purchase, signing up for your mailing list, or clicking to follow you on social media.

Increase your marketing results: This is to do with building brand trust and recognition. Delivering personalised content that is targeted to their needs will increase conversion when responding to your call to action.

Who uses customer personalisation technology?

This technology has been adopted by some of the most high profile companies in the world and you may have experienced their work first-hand. We are talking about big names such as Amazon and Netflix that take your user information and use it to create a personalised experience each time you use their service.

So when you switch on Netflix to browse for a film or TV series to watch, they will look at your past activity and viewing preferences to present you with a choice of viewing that you might enjoy.

Amazon will do the same by looking at your user history and suggest other items that would compliment what you have already purchased or products that are similar to what you have browsed the site for in previous searches.

How can I improve my website personalisation?

You can create and improve the personalised experiences for your web users in several ways. These can include:

  • Content marketing
  • Improved usability
  • Linking in your social networking sites
  • Localisation
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Offering live chat

Offering a personalised website experience can make all the difference to your customers and your business too!

If you would like to improve your website to make it more user-friendly and optimised for smartphone use and personalisation, then give Exclusive Web a call to discuss your needs. We are here to help!