WordPress Web Design

Why should I choose WordPress? What makes it so business-friendly?

These are two questions that I get asked a lot by my clients. Not too many years ago WordPress was simply known as a platform for making a blog. Many business owners are still not aware that you can build a website using the platform, how versatile it is, or even how user-friendly it is.

Looking back to 2003 when the version 0.70 was first released, if you were using WordPress back then you will remember it as being quite a revolutionary and exiting option that offered great features such as post status and being able to manage multiple blogrolls.

Times have changed since then, and WordPress has gone from being a simple blogging platform to an amazing fully-fledged content management system. So powerful has it grown that some of the worlds biggest brand names are happily using it.

WordPress is an effective Content Management System

Technically, a content management system is a piece of software, that allows you to maintain a database of information. This can be anything from videos and photographs, to audio files and text. You can access your information to edit and format it in any way you choose. This makes WordPress an incredibly powerful CMS.

Having the ability to then take your information and display it on the web in a functional, creative and beautiful way in the form of a website gives the user something more than a simple database. This is why as a web designer, I love building WordPress sites so much.

WordPress is essentially free

Being that the platform is Open Source, it is not created by just one person, but by many different contributors. This means you can download and install WordPress for free on almost any web hosting platform. With so many collaborators and contributors, there are constantly new releases, new features and plugins added that continue to improve usability.

Building and Customising your site

With thousands of ways to customise WordPress, there is little that cannot be achieved. Free is great, but people can become a little overwhelmed by the choices and options on offer. There is definitely a learning curve to understanding how things work, including the backend or admin panel and knowing which plugins and widgets to use.

Getting to grips with how the backed works will enable you to do things such as adding new pages or posts, inserting images and editing texts, changing sidebar widgets, changing fonts and background colours etc. There is a lot of potential functionality you can get to grips with if you have the time to learn.

A lot of business owner prefer to outsource the build of their WordPress site to a professional web designer such as myself. For example, I am able to build a site that is perfectly matched to the needs and requirements of your business. I can then deliver you a complete turn-key solution that is set up and ready to go. The choice is then yours as to whether you want to update and maintain the site yourself, or if you prefer, you can hand over the task of managing your site to me.

I can keep your WordPress website well maintained and up to date. I can supply fresh page content and SEO blog posts to keep your website alive and active. Contact me today to discuss your business website needs. I am only a quick phone call away!