Freelance Web Developer

When you think about how important your website is to your business, you want to make sure you hire a web developer that truly understands your business. Your website is the virtual face of your company and is your online portal for interacting with your customers. You cannot put this critical job into the hands of just anybody.

When you are starting with a clean sheet, it is important to get the right freelance talent in from the word go. This will save you a lot of time and money trying to find a replacement further down the line. Lets take a look at some top tips for finding and hiring the right freelance web developer for your needs.

Find a personality match for your business

A web developer with a big personality and relentless drive is really going to make an impact, that’s for sure! However, does their personality suit your business culture or the way you want to present your company? You may be bowled over by a developer with a magnetic personality, but if your company chugs along in a more low-key and relaxed way, be careful about letting their hyper enthusiasm characteristics carry over into the build of your website. Whatever your company culture, you will want your developer to fit in with it.

Test the water with a freelance web developer

If you are in a position where you don’t need to hire someone in urgently and can take a little time before finding the perfect fit, why not try out a developer for size with a small test project. It is hard to tell that you have made the right decision initially, so award them a small project that is non-critical to see what they come up with before awarding them a major project.

This is a great way to see how intuitive and efficient they are as well as how polished and user-friendly the finished project is. If the developer went above and beyond their remit, then you will know they can be trusted to deliver on a more critical job. Also consider how well you communicated with each other while the project was in progress. Did they keep you updated with the progress? Did they report any problems and delays? Where their solutions and bug fixes effective? Etc.

Attitude and Aptitude

We all know how quickly technology moves on, so it is important that you look for a freelance web developer who is blessed with the desire and ability to keep up with new technologies, and the ability to adapt their skills to suit new environments as they come along.

To test a developers love for learning, you can ask them questions such as: What new programming languages have you picked up recently? Which are your favourite tech conferences? Where do you go to pick up new information? Try to listen for the passion and enthusiasm within their responses – this will give you a good indication about whether they are keeping their skills at the cutting edge.

Look at customer feedback

An experienced freelance web developer will have quite a number of clients under their belt. From sole traders and entrepreneurs to SMEs and even larger companies hiring in for specific projects. Their customer feedback will be a good indicator of their skills and dedication. If you are a small business or start up company, then you will know that your resources and budgets are tight. Look for feedback from similar sized companies where it was important to develop or produce solutions quickly and effectively, on time and on budget.